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About Us

Who we are

Wallis Energy is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company.  We are focused on optimizing production and truly being a low cost producer thereby achieving steady growth by leveraging our experience, ability to work hard and the expertise of our dedicated employees, to maximize the potential of our assets.

What we do

For the past 35 years, our strengths and focus have primarily been drilling, producing and developing legacy oil and gas fields throughout South Texas.  Our philosophy has been to keep our outsourcing on production related equipment and services to a minimum.  Wallis and its related companies own workover rigs, vacuum, winch, service and mechanic trucks, as well as various construction equipment.  As such, this enables us to construct and maintain locations and facilities at the most competitive cost with quick response and without the confusion created when third party vendors get involved.

Our team has a vast array of experience.  We have owned and operated numerous wells utilizing various lift methods from gas lift, progressive cavity pumps (pcp), electric submersible pumps (esp) jet pumps and rod pumps.  We have been able to recover hundreds of millions of barrels of salt water and millions of barrels of oil over the years.

Current Strategy

Our current focus is to identify and produce under developed reservoirs in south Texas though our library of over 3000 square miles of 3D seismic, in combination with detailed historical production data, and extensive subsurface geology interpretations.  Due to the skill sets and equipment available to Wallis Energy, this gives us the unique ability to re-enter and recover historical reserves though various secondary recover methods.  Consequently this also lets us explore virgin fault blocks and updip attics in these legacy fields.

We believe "The best place to find oil is where it has already been found."